The centrepiece of Ilapak’s new suite of counting machines and dosing systems is the state-of-the-art Vision 2000, which offers a flexible, accurate and low-noise alternative to conventional vibratory counters. 

Using advanced line scan camera technology, the Vision 2000 counts and feeds baked goods into boxes or the infeed of a VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal) packaging machine. Speeds of up to 100,000 products per hour with over 99% accuracy can be achieved. The Vision 2000 offers complete flexibility in terms of product type, shape and size. It can accommodate fresh, pre-baked, frozen and difficult-to-handle raw dough products, whether baguettes, pretzel sticks, rolls, bagels, donuts or croissants. Key to the flexibility of the belt-based system is a powerful line scan camera. The images are overlaid to produce a ‘real time’ picture of the product flow, and intelligent software processes this image to calculate when the target number per pack has been reached. Batches are separated via pneumatically controlled ‘fingers’. Whilst there are competing systems on the marketplace, Ilapak’s Vision counter boasts the fastest available camera technology and a unique emphasis on hygiene and accessibility. This is reflected in the unrivalled build quality of the machine, which is constructed from stainless steel and superior grade plastics for easy cleaning and simple maintenance.

Complete line - Freemium - Bakery - CounterVision2000 - Vegatronic 1600 Inclined - pillow vertical

Vegatronic 1600 Inclined - Freemium - Vision Counter Bakery bread Pillow Vertical

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