DELTA 6000

The Delta 6000 is a new fully modular design flow wrap machine that offers complete IP65 protection, enabling full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements.

The Delta 6000 flow pack wrapper incorporates a new higher speed long-dwell sealing system for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) applications up to 200ppm such as meat, cheese, pizza and bakery products. 

Delta 6000R - Freemium - Meat & Poultry - Horizontal Pillow bag

Delta 6000 - Freemium - Bakery - Tortillas - Horizontal pillow bag

Delta 6000 - Freemium - WW - HPB - Reclosable pillow bag

Delta 6000 - Freemium - IQF cordon bleu - Horzontal pillow bag

Delta 6000 Open Frame - Freemium - Bakery cakes on trays Pillow Horizontal

Delta 6000 - Freemium - Bakery pasta on tray - horizontal pillow - B

Delta 6000 - Fremium - Bakery IQF Pizza - horizontal pillow with seal streap - A

Delta 6000 - Freemium - Choco Biscuits Pillow Reclosable with Stand-Up Feature - A

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