DELTA 3000

Ilapak's Delta 3000 horizontal flow wrap packaging machine is PC controlled and equipped with long dwell technology for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and Ilapak's unique high-speed hermetic sealing technologies to cover the widest range of applications.

Its heavy duty and reliable design allows the Delta 3000 to be integrated in automatic packaging systems. All Delta 3000 horizontal flow wrap machines are also available in stainless steel and bottom film feeding versions. The Delta 3000 LDR allows for the handling of delicate and irregular sized products. One of the most effective ways to extend the shelf life of fresh products is to pack them in a hermetically sealed pack with a modified atmosphere (MAP – Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Our robust Delta flow wrap machines are precisely engineered to ensure hermetic sealing at high speed. Thanks to the flexibility of its design, the Delta series of packaging machines are also ideally suited for non-food applications where a hermetically sealed pack is required, such as medical and personal care products like wet wipes.

Delta 3000 - Freemium - Diary - raclette on tray shrinked pillow

Delta 3000 - Freemium - Bakery - Spongecake - Horizontal pillow bag

Delta 3000 - Fremium - Meat/Fish - Horizontal pillow bag

Delta 3000 - Freemium - Diary - Reclosable pillow bag

Delta 3000 - Freemium - bakery - crisp bread - horizontal pillow bag

Vegatronic 2300 OF - Freemium - Produce - Pillow bag vertical

Delta 3000 3SS - Freemium - Dairy - 3 side seal vertical

Delta 3000 LD - Freemium - chocolate pie - Shrinkable Horizontal pillow bag

Delta 3000 R 3SS - Feemium - Diary Portioned cheese Pillow Gusseting and zipper

Delta 3000 LD - Freemium - Coffee coffee capsules - A

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