Pillow Reclosable

Pillow packaging with reclosable labels is a well appreciated solution by the market for two main reasons: 
1)  The Easy-open and easy-reclose pack which allows the consumers to get full access to the product;
2)  Meet hygienic standards related to the specific industries of application. 

Known as one of the most reliable flexible packaging bag types, the pillow bag has a lot of strengths that make it attractive to manufacturers, contract packagers, and CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies. 
The pillow bag:
Is convenient. Less film is required to create pillow bags than other more sophisticated bag types. This reason makes this bag style great for small companies and start-ups as well as for large companies thanks to its cost-saving appeal;
Has been tried-and-tested. It has been used successfully in almost every industry for decades and proven to be a mostt reliable packaging format;
Is simple to produce. Requiring no extra options or assemblies, can be run on any Ilapak VFFS packaging machine and is simple flexible packaging at its finest;
Can be run at high speeds. Thanks to its simplicity, pillow bags can be run at a higher speed than any other pack style you can run on a VFFS machine. For contract packagers looking for speed and efficiency to meet strict deadlines, pillow bags can't be beaten;
Can be formed on HFFS and VFFS machines. Some of the more involved bag types cannot be formed on certain flexible packaging machine models. The pillow bag lends well to almost all standard flexible packaging equipment types.

Delta 6000 - Freemium - WW - HPB - Reclosable pillow bag

Delta 3000 - Freemium - Diary - Reclosable pillow bag

Delta 6000R - Freemium - Meat & Poultry - Horizontal Pillow bag

Delta 3000 - Freemium - bakery - crisp bread - horizontal pillow bag

Delta 6000 - Freemium - Choco Biscuits Pillow Reclosable with Stand-Up Feature - A

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