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Pillow Bag Vertical

Traditional three (3) side seal pillow bag, central or offset back seal, whole range of reclosable features available. The pillow pouch is a versatile bag designed to easily accommodate liquids, solids, powders and almost any other kind of product with any kind of wrapping film you can imagine.

This kind of product packaging is a very popular choice for a number of reasons: not only pillow pouches are easy to store and transport, but they are also very affordable. Additionally, they provide a back, top and bottom seal for assured freshness and quality. Consumer-friendly features like tear notches, resealable zippers or clear windows can also take your product to the next level.  Pillow bags offer advanced flexibility, control and convenience so it’s no surprise this kind of pouch packaging has gained such a strong reputation within the packaging industry. Pillow bags are the most frequently used pouches shape and represent a cost-effective packaging approach. This kind of packaging provides an effortless storage and transportation process. Pillow pouches are environmentally friendly as they can be reused. Pillow pouches are a convenient choice for flexible packaging. Plastic materials used during production process include: LDPE, BOPP, PET, PA and many others. A combination of materials such as Aluminum with PET and PP enhances the durability of packaging material. Pillow pouches are produced with 2 to 3 layers of LDPE (low-density polyethylene), which enriches the pillow pouches’ flexibility.

VT2000 - Freemium - Diary - Vertical Pillow

VT6000 - Freemium - Produce - Vertical pillow bag

Weightronic 14 - 50 - Freemium - Vegatronic 2000 - Meat & Poultry - VPB

Vegatronic 6000 - Freemium - Produce - Vertical Pillow bag

Vegatronic 2000 OF - Freemium - Meat IQF - Vertical Pillow Bag

Complete line - Freemium - Bakery - CounterVision2000 - Vegatronic 1600 Inclined - pillow vertical

Vegatronic 2300 OF - Freemium - Produce - Pillow bag vertical

Vegatronic 1000 - Freemium - Flour powder - Vertical pillow bag

Vegatronic 6000 - Freemium- Weightronic WA16-10 - Stock Cubes Vertical Pillow Bag

Alfa 1200 - Freemium - Vegatronic 1000 Weightronic 16-25 - Gurmet powder 4SideSeal Multipack

Vegatronic1000 - Freemium - Weightronic 14_65 - Produce Cut salad Vertical - pillow bag

Vegatronic1000 - Freemium- Inclined Weightronic 1000 - Bakery BreadRolls - Vertical pillow bag

Vegatronic 1600 Inclined - Freemium - Vision Counter Bakery bread Pillow Vertical

Vegatronic 6000 - Freemium - mozzarella balls - vertical pillow -A

Vegatronic 6000 Weightronic WA 1465 - Freemium- Produce Salad - vertical pillow - A

Linear weigher TK Vegatronic 1000 - Freemium - Bakery Bread Rolls Pillow - A

Vegatronic 2300 Weightronic 14-50 - Freemium - Meat frozen hamburgers - A

Vegatronic 2000 Carrera 6000R - Freemium - Confectionary Candies Pillow - A

Vegatronic 2000 OF - Freemium - Meat Chicken Nuggets Vertical Pillow Bag - A

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