Doypack is a versatile style of stand-up pouch, compatible with a wide range of applications and reclosable features. Available on our LUX model, with its own “Original” version and in an adapted “Doy style” on a range of other vertical Ilapak VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal) packaging machines, this modern pack offers plenty of flexibility in terms of dimensions, film structures and content.

 The unique selling proposition of the Doypack is the ability to create an eye-catching pack that is similar to a bottle style, with a well defined, almost rigid structure and stand-up properties that allow for maximum marketing appeal and visibility. 
Functionality and aesthetics are not the only hallmarks of the Doypack package. The ‘stand unassisted’ feature opens up opportunities for the Doypack style to serve as a more economic and environmentally-friendly alternative to rigid bottles. The Doypack typically uses 70% less plastic than a classic bottle. Moreover, the Doypack can be formed from mono-materials, making it recyclable.  Additional features are available with the dedicated LUX machine model, enabling the Doypack to be produced with a corner spout, reclosable zipper or shaped profile, for example with round corners, a handle and a hang hole.

Lux 24 - Freemium - Doypack - liquids

Lux 24 - Freemium - Weightronic 24/10 Pet food - doypack

Vegatronic 2000 RJ - Freemium - Snack Cereals Doy pouch with zipper

Vegatronic 6000 RB - Freemium - Doy Shark with zipper Shredded cheese - A

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