Years of “in the field” experience and R&D have enabled ILAPAK to develop a VFFS solution that addresses all the challenges of packaging hot filled soft cheese in block bottom gusseted bags.

“Ordinarily, cream cheese would just fill up the gusset and prevent formation of a flat bag bottom. Thanks to a special seal jaw pattern that prevents this from happening, liquid cheeses can be packed in block bottom bags on either the Vegatronic 6000 or Vegatronic 2000, for an eye-catching presentation,” says Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Division Product Manager at ILAPAK.

In fact ILAPAK has overcome this issue through the design of its sealing jaws – extensive R&D and collaboration with designers of hot cheese filling systems has yielded special seal patterns that create strong hermetic seals without allowing any product to run into the gusset.

Pillow bags with angled cut and tear opening or ‘spout’ on the top seal also represent a popular and attractive format for products such as cream cheese and cottage cheese and Ilapak can produce this pack styles in its Vegatronic 2000 OF machine series as well.

Hygiene is top priority in this high risk application. Recognising this, ILAPAK has designed its latest generation of Vegatronic baggers with the soft cheese industry’s stringent hygiene requirements in mind; there are no cavities where dirt and debris can accumulate and bacteria harbor, there is minimal use of assembled parts and exposed threads, the electrical cabinet is isolated from the main frame and machines are available rated to IP65 or IP66.

Knowing how conscious the market is getting about safe food packaging, Ilapak has launched its latest Vegatronic 6000 SD, a USDA compliant bagger specially designed according to the strict USDA standards.

ILAPAK’s Vegatronic series baggers can produce bags ranging from 100g up to 2kg out of high barrier laminated film stocks and can be supplied with integrated hot filling systems.

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