Meat & Poultry

Responding to the exceptional perishability of meat and poultry products, Ilapak’s engineers have conceived a hygienic packaging machinery line-up capable of producing leak-proof hermetic seals with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Our packaging machines also offer the changeover flexibility to handle a variety of shapes and sizes and deliver excellent pack presentation.

Ilapak’s meat and poultry packaging machinery offer is the result of our unwavering commitment to this industry. Our in-house specialist team’s dedication has enabled us to engineer reliable, flexible and innovative packaging machines and automatic packaging lines that meet your packaging needs. 

Main applications

Beef & lamb: balls (both fresh & IQF), burgers & patties (both fresh & IQF), primal, sausages, steak (both fresh & IQF), processed meat, minced meat; Pork: bacon, balls (both fresh & IQF), burgers & patties (both fresh & IQF), primal, sausages, steak (both fresh & IQF); Poultry: breaded nuggets (both fresh & IQF), chicken pieces (both fresh & IQF), duck (both fresh & IQF), sausages, whole chicken.

Delta 6000R - Freemium - Meat & Poultry - Horizontal Pillow bag

Complete line - Freemium - Meat & Poultry - Delta 6000BM - Rotavac

Delta 3000 - Fremium - Meat/Fish - Horizontal pillow bag

Weightronic 14 - 50 - Freemium - Vegatronic 2000 - Meat & Poultry - VPB

Vegatronic 2000 OF - Freemium - Meat IQF - Vertical Pillow Bag

Delta Flobag - Freemium - Meat Sausages Pillow - A

Vegatronic 2300 Weightronic 14-50 - Freemium - Meat frozen hamburgers - A

Vegatronic 2000 OF - Freemium - Meat Chicken Nuggets Vertical Pillow Bag - A

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