Chocolate & Confectionery

Ilapak’s stand-alone chocolate and confectionery packaging machinery is designed for easy cleaning, gentle product handling and production of extremely attractive packs, whilst our high-speed flexible automation systems are capable of matching the highest production throughput demands.

Chocolates, candies, snacks and sweets present an extraordinary variety of shapes and sizes. Many of these products must also be handled very delicately and packaged to preserve freshness and flavour. Ilapak can balance all of these requirements with the high priority that has to be given to packaging aesthetics in this industry.

Main applications
Chocolate: bars, tablets, bites, drops, pralines, slabs, powder; Confectionery: hard candies, sugar powders, soft candies, sweeteners.

Raptor - Freemium - Chocolate & Confectionery - horizontal pillow bag

Delta 3000 LD - Freemium - chocolate pie - Shrinkable Horizontal pillow bag

Carrera 1000 - Freemium - Confectionary Choco Bars Pillow - A

Vegatronic 2000 Carrera 6000R - Freemium - Confectionary Candies Pillow - A

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