All of the biscuits, cookies and crackers present on the market today have one common requirement: they are delicate, fragile and perishable products. This means that they must be treated with extreme care and need protective packaging that will prevent breakage and staling. 

Packaging must also be attractive and provide immediate brand recognition on the shelf. Thanks to the flexibility and versatility of our packaging machines, Ilapak allows you to fully satisfy your production and marketing brief to ensure you get the best return on your investment.
Main applications

Biscuitscookies: chocolate enrobed, cookies, mini cookies, plain, sandwich biscuits and cookies; Crackers: baked crackers, mini baked crackers, rice crackers, mini rice crackers.

Delta 6000 - Freemium - Choco Biscuits Pillow Reclosable with Stand-Up Feature - A

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