Having served the bakery industry for almost 50 years, Ilapak has accumulated experience that has allowed us to develop flexible, reliable and innovative packaging machines that are proven to perform in bakery applications, particularly where modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a requirement. 

All Ilapak’s packaging machines are designed and manufactured with your needs in mind. 

Main Applications

Bread: baguettes, pretzels, rolls, sandwich thins, whole loaves, sliced bread (in stand-up & edge presentations), buns; Cakes (baked); Donuts (large and mini); Flatbread (piadina, naan and tortillas); Muffins (large and mini); Patisserie: brioches, croissants, flat dough, pains au chocolat, rolled dough both fresh and IQF; PiesPrepared bread like garlic bread or raisin bread; Sandwiches :squares, triangles, wraps.

Bakery - Freemium - casepackerIP2000 - Breadrolls

Complete line - Freemium - Bakery - CounterVision2000 - Vegatronic 1600 Inclined - pillow vertical

Delta 6000 - Freemium - Bakery - Tortillas - Horizontal pillow bag

Delta 3000 - Freemium - Bakery - Spongecake - Horizontal pillow bag

Carrera 1500 - Freemium - Bakery - Horizontal pillow bag

Delta 3000 - Freemium - bakery - crisp bread - horizontal pillow bag

Carrera 6000 - Freemium - IQF - Bakery - horizontal Shrinked pillow bag

Vegatronic1000 - Freemium- Inclined Weightronic 1000 - Bakery BreadRolls - Vertical pillow bag

Vegatronic 1600 Inclined - Freemium - Vision Counter Bakery bread Pillow Vertical

Delta 6000 Open Frame - Freemium - Bakery cakes on trays Pillow Horizontal

Delta 6000 - Freemium - Bakery pasta on tray - horizontal pillow - B

Linear weigher TK Vegatronic 1000 - Freemium - Bakery Bread Rolls Pillow - A

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